Finding a rhythm 

Looking back I think this is my first post since the London Marathon, roughly 6 weeks ago.  The marathon is such a big physical and mental drain; both the actual day and the months of training beforehand; that since then I’ve struggled to find any rhythm in my running (hence the lack of blog updates). … More Finding a rhythm 

London Marathon

They gave a stat out during the BBCs coverage of this years marathon, that around 250 or so blogs would be written about the race (I suspect its probably more than that), but here’s my take on the day. The London Marathon is one of the most popular marathons in the world; this year over … More London Marathon

Surrey Half Marathon

It’s not been the best few weeks for me, with little running since the Hampton Court Half.  Problems specifically with my toe (and to some extent my heel) have limited the miles.  Improvements this week however meant that my annual running of the Surrey Half was still a possibility. Now in its fourth year, the … More Surrey Half Marathon

Standing still

Week 10 of marathon training was supposed to be my highest weekly mileage so far, coming in at around 47 miles; culminating with a 19 mile long run today.  Instead I’ve run a grand total of 0.2 miles. Following the Hampton Court Half last weekend, I’d planned to take an extra rest day, but this … More Standing still


As we head into February and week 8 of my training plan, things are progressing well towards the marathon.  My mid-week runs are now up to 8 miles, with the weekend long run reaching a high of 16 miles .  This past week also saw me receive final confirmation of my place in the London … More Progression