Aberystwyth to Borth

Most runners will tell you that running is addictive, a couple of days off and you usually start to get twitchy.  Luckily it’s also something that can be done just about anywhere.  With that in mind I threw in my trainers as we packed for our annual pilgrimage to Aberystwyth.

Arriving on the Sunday, the sun finally came out so I headed out for a quick run before dinner to stretch my legs after the long drive.  The route well known thanks to previous runs with John, follows the prom round the harbour then heads off along the old railway line.  Nice and flat and away from the wind allowed a quicker pace, slowing slightly on the way back due to the headwind (my excuse).

This morning I decided to be more adventurous and explore the coastal path which runs from Aberystwyth to Borth.  The first obstacle is Constitution Hill overlooking the bay.


A funicular railway runs up the hill, but I took the cheaper option and ran up the path which winds its way to the top. Tough going but rewarded with a spectacular view across the town.

I then decided to follow the coastal path to Borth, signposted as being about 5 miles.  The path literally hugs the coastline, decending initially into Clarach Caravan park then heading back up to the hills.  Straightforward enough to follow with just the odd division through a sheep field (this is Wales).  However the hills became steeper the further I ran, leaving me walking up and down with the odd jog in between.  You can just about make out the path winding its way up this hill.

Conscious that I needed to run back the same way I eventually admitted defeat upon reaching the war memorial overlooking Borth.  Half a mile short of the town. Welsh Hills – 1, me – 0.

A steady jog/walk back over the same hills to the hotel meant a round trip of just over 9 miles at possibly my slowest ever speed.  

Tough going –  yes; but still very enjoyable and with stunning scenery,   I would definitely run it again on another visit. 

Lessons learned:

  1. Need to incorporate more hill training in my schedule
  2. Leave earlier so you don’t miss breakfast.

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