Olympic Running

Even more pleased with my 10k PB in Cranleigh as it seems that I was coming down with a Gastro virus at the time, and spent the following week in bed.  This allowed me time to rest up and plan my strategy ahead of the next race, the Richmond Half Marathon. 

I had hoped to go for a PB in this as well, perhaps sneaking under the 90min barrier but not sure I’m quite in the shape or have got the time to train for that (only 8 weeks away).  Still made the decision to follow a training plan, not something I usually like to do.  I’ve chosen the MapMyRun app, partly because it’s a handy iPhone app, and partly because it was based on timed runs rather than distances.  I’ve completed the first week and have thrown in a bit of longer speed work.  I’ll aim for the PB but won’t stress about it. The training plan should lead nicely into training for the Dopey as well.

Scheduled for this weekend was the family 2km run round the Olympic Park in Stratford. I’ve run here twice before, once in 2012 just before the Olympics and once the following year.  Both 5 mile runs finishing in the stadium.  2012 was a few months before the Olympics and much of the park was still a building site so not much to look at during the run; 2013 was a lot better and much more enjoyable. 

This year the runs have been integrated into the Great Run family.  A 10k adult run started at 9.30am, a bit too early to easily make the trip up, so it was left to the 2km family run and a chance to run with both Cerys and Joe.  As expected very busy running meant we could never quite get into a rhythm with lots of weaving back and forth.  But both kids ran the whole way and enjoyed the ‘sprint’ down the 100m stretch in the stadium.

Personally I was a little disappointed in the organisation particularly due to a delayed start and at the finish.  Nothing major but just small things (1 person handing out water bottles which hadn’t even been unwrapped from delivery slabs) that you don’t really expect from an event such as this.  

A great experience and one for the memory banks but not one I’ll be rushing to sign up for in the future.  Still nice medals….



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