Cadzand-Bad, Netherlands

We were fortunate enough to be lent a holiday home in the Netherlands by some good friends for a week.  Situated in Cadzand-Bad located in the Zeeland region and just across the border from Belgium, the picturesque town is a popular holiday resort for the Dutch, but little known in the UK, with miles of sandy beaches and plenty of lovely restaurants.  Unfortunately our weather for the week didn’t quite match the setting.

One of the many great things about this area of Europe is that its relatively flat and has miles and miles of well maintained cycle paths .


So I was looking forward to fitting in a few runs.  Running is a great way to quickly scope the layout of a new area, so a steady 5 miler round about the town on the first day highlighted a few tempting restaurants and gave me a good lay of the land.

The weekend gave an opportunity for a longer run so I set out the cycle map and planned a route.  Areas are marked with numbers and you simply follow the signs to each number (simple eh).

Despite my meticulous planning I still managed to get slightly lost, but in fact ended up on a path back to the house and stayed within my 70mins planned runtime. 


Its not Holland unless you see a windmill!
Loved this cow model in Cadzand, there was also some chicken, sheep and a bull.

Next up a family run to stretch our legs as we all headed out for our own Cadzand-Bad Park Run.  Both kids manageing admirably the 5k distance despite the gale force winds and frequent rain showers.  


As the weather continued to frustrate I attempted one last run, a planned interval session.  Stepping out the door in the early hours to a light shower, it quickly escalated to a heavy thunderstorm before I’d even completed my warm up.  After much sheltering in shop doorways I deceided to abandon and adjusted the workout to a 5k progression run.

Can highly recommend a visit to the Netherlands as despite the weather we all had a great time.  Will hopefully get to return in the future.

As for the running, three weeks in and I’ve so far roughly been able to keep to my planned schedule leading up to the Richmond Half in September.  However how much the over indulgence on food and wine over the past week will have helped I don’t know.  Time to knuckle down for a few weeks until our next trip away at the end of August to the south of France.


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