Upping the intensity

The past few weeks since returning from Holland has seen the intensity of the half marathon plan gradually increase.  My mid-week runs have increased to around an hour in length and the mileage has been piling up.  In fact the last 2 weeks has seen me running nearer to 35 miles a week rather than my previous 25.  I don’t think I’ve covered this sort of miles since training for the Paris Marathon in 2014.  No such bad thing bearing in mind the nearing Dopey training schedule.  It could also explain my increased appetite in the past week or so (at least that’s my excuse).

Longer mid-week runs bring about their own difficulty in that I can’t run them at a lunchtime, fortunately I’ve got a very understanding family who often see me disappearing out the door with my trainers on.  I’ve also missed GGAC training for the past month or so, partly due to holidays and partly as the planned activity hasn’t quite suited the plan.  Will definitely make an effort to try and pick this up again though.  I have been making an effort to include speed interval reps in my training at least once a week however.

Another trip to Aberystwyth for the family at the weekend gave me the opportunity to have a run out at Park Run on Saturday.  I usually jog round with the kids, which I thoroughly enjoy, but occasionally get a chance to head off a bit faster.  Not feeling it quite in my legs (perhaps due to the increased mileage) I set off, not overly hopeful of a PB.  1st lap was tough but felt fast so I pushed on.  My intensity definitely dropped in the 2nd lap but I felt perhaps I could sneak in under the 21min mark.  The watch stopped at 21:09 as I crossed the line, 9 secs off that PB (set back in March on my 40th birthday); a good attempt but not quite on the money.  Strava duly informed me that indeed it had been my fastest ever 1st lap, reinforcing the fact that I’d slowed in the 2nd half.  Another week maybe.

One more week then we’re off to Southern France for a week, some nice hills and scenery in the area so better pack the trainers.


2 thoughts on “Upping the intensity

  1. good to see you getting the miles in. Can’t believe that my 5km PB is that much quicker than yours – you must not be trying hard enough!! But your 10km is miles better than mine! 🙂 I think the plan with the club is now to alternate track sessions with XC session on the park every other week – at least until XC season starts!


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