WDW Dopey training week 2

Every other week of my training plan is an ‘easier’ week, with only 4 planned runs rather than the usual 5;  the long run on a Sunday replaced by cross training.  The idea behind this is to allow your body a chance to recover from the increased mileage.  

This cut back week fell just at the right time for two primary reasons.  The first being today is my daughters 10th birthday, so a lack of a long run meant I was able to help celebrate.  Secondly, I’ve been really tired this week.  I think the Richmond HM followed by the first week of training finally caught up with me.  My legs have been feeling lethargic and heavy, such that I again ducked out from the track session, replacing it with an easier 3 mile recovery run.  

A steady 5 mile run followed on Wednesday, another rest day, then finished the week with a 3 mile jog on Friday.  Saturday morning, 5 miles up to Newlands Corner and back for a bit of hill training before heading down to Park Run. Just me running again this week, but still not able to crack the 21 min PB, coming in at 21:03. Birthday celebrations today so no cross training but will try and get to the pool in future weeks.

5 runs planned again for the coming week, including 14 next weekend.  Let’s hope the legs are feeling stronger.

Weekly mileage – 19.3

Mileage to date – 44.1



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