WDW Dopey training week 3

After a gentle recovery run to start week 3, I finally made it back to the GGAC track session on Tuesday night.  A tough session; 1km, 1km, 800m, 800m, 600m, 600m, 400m, 400m all off 1 min recovery.  I enjoy the track sessions and feel they help my running. However as my mid-week mileage increases it becomes more difficult to fit them into a lunchtime at work, so I need to swap to the evenings. Making the effort to run to and from the track is a temporary solution , in a month or so however it might mean that the track session has to take a back seat some weeks.

Family commitments over the weekend lead to a swap round of my runs, with a 4 mile run on Friday, followed by 14 miles on Saturday.  A lovely morning and a run along the tow path, was perhaps a bit harder than it should have been towards the end, but it’s the furthest I’ve run for a few months at the least.  Park run therefore took a back seat this week, but made it down for Junior Park run on the Sunday.  Both kids running well again.

On the running attire side the New Balance 880s seem to have settled down, so I’ve decided to keep them.  This week I also picked up a new pair of Mizuno Wave Inspires, which I’ve used for a few years, as my current pair have now passed 400miles.  Frustratingly my Kazan trail shoes seem to have started giving me blisters, so as we head into wetter weather I also replaced them with a pair of Mizuno Kien which were on offer.  Probably not the best trail shoes but enough for my limited off road running.

Onwards and upwards.


Weekly mileage – 29.1 miles

Mileage to date – 73.2 miles 


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