WDW Dopey training WK4 – Park Run tourism 

Bit of a crisis of confidence this week, worrying that I’m not covering enough miles.  There usually comes a time when you question your training and make comparisons to others, but it’s just a case of trusting the plan and carrying on.  Looking ahead the mileage rapidly increases in the next month or so and its important at the moment I build a strong base and keep injury free. I’m only 4 weeks into training and still have just under 100 days until the challenge begins. 

The week started in much the same pattern as last week with a recovery run on Monday followed by a track session on Tuesday night.  Another tough one, with 7 lots of 800m off 1 min recovery.  Dry evening so made the effort to run down and back, making up my 6 mile mid-week long run.  The end of the week saw us make the long trip to Aberystwyth, unfortunately in less than joyful circumstances.  With a few runners in the family now, we took the opportunity on Saturday morning to run Aberystwyth Park Run.  I started running Park Run just over a year ago, and have 35 runs to my name, all of which have taken place in Guildford, so a bit of Park Run tourism was long overdue.  The weekly email newsletter  also informed me that Saturday was ‘International Park Run Day’ so a Welsh run seemed apt.

Aberystwyth Park Run takes place at Plascrug in the town centre.  The course begins with an out-and back on the wide middle path through Plascrug park, followed by 3 anticlockwise laps on the outer paths, then onto the middle path again for the finish.  A flat course run completely on paths; the perfect opportunity for a PB, and so it proved, with 4 of us setting quicker times.  Joe (my 7 year old son) knocked 2 secs off his already impressive time, coming in at 27:20.  Meanwhile I finally managed to crack the 21min barrier  I’d had since March.  For much of the run I managed to latch onto a couple of other runners; working together  made the pace a bit easier.  A final ‘sprint’ down the finish saw the clock stop at a very pleasing 20:17.


Sunday mornings ‘long run’ was a 8 miler up to Newlands Corner and across to Pewley Down. A lot harder than it should have been, maybe due to the long car journey home on Saturday afternoon, definitely not helped by the curry for tea.

Friday afternoon also saw this (expected) email arrive in my inbox.

Disappointing as its a marathon I hope to be able to run one day.  Still at least I’ve got Dopey to focus on for now, then Brighton marathon next April.

Weekly mileage – 25.2

Mileage to date – 98.4


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