WDW Dopey training WK6 – Rest & Recovery 

Week 6, a third of the way through the training, and time for another recovery week.  This week it was a welcome relief.  It would seem that I didn’t quite take it as easy in last weeks race as I’d  intended, as my legs were in shreds at the start of the week.  I attempted an easy 3 mile recovery run on Monday, but it didn’t help muchso decided  to give Tuesday’s track session a miss.

Much stretching later and things began to feel better by midweek, so I headed out for quicker paced 10k Wednesday night.

Ruth and I were away at a friends wedding at the weekend, so this weeks longer run was postponed till Sunday.  I’m not much of a fan of running later in the day as I generally feel more lethargic (not helped by a large lunch) but managed a fairly sprightly pace over the 9 miles or so.  I also managed to fall over, which I haven’t done for a while.  Fortunately I escaped with only a bruised pride.

Being away Sunday morning meant we also missed Joe’s first cross country competition. He’s been attending Guildford Young Athletics club for about a year now, and is now old enough to start running in the cross country competitions (you need to be at least 7 to enter the Under 9 category).  The first race was over at Wandsworth School in Hook.  No official results yet but he ran well and it looks like he came in the top half, which is a great result as most of the boys would have been a year older than him.  Unfortunately we’re all away for the next race in November, but he should be able to run in the Guildford race at Stoke Park in December.


Weekly miles – 22.6 miles

Mileage to date – 153.5 miles 


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