WDW Dopey training WK7 – Pacing

Training for Dopey has settled down into a regular pattern: easy recovery run, mid-week longer run (currently about 10k), 4 miler on Wednesday or Thursday ; followed by the longer weekend run.  During recovery weeks this is just one run, training weeks (such as this week) it’s a run on Saturday and Sunday.  This week the weekend consisted of 6 miles on Saturday; a nice steady run around Newlands Corner; then 16 miles on Sunday (the early start helped by the extra hour in bed due to the clocks going back).

I’ve also begun to think about pacing for the races in January.  Back when I started training I had a rough estimation on what I’d like to complete each race in (this is not the event to attempt PBs), and funny enough on one of the many running forums I follow, someone posted pace times that fit:

A Top 500 finish would be 7:23:35 based on last year’s times

My quick calculations come up with an overall average pace of 9:07 min/mi over the 48.656 miles.

You could get there by using the following average paces on the various races:

8:21 for the 5k (25:58 total time)

8:41 for the 10k (53:59 total time)

9:01 for the half marathon (1:58:18 total time)

9:21 for the marathon (4:05:20 total time)

Its clear that most time can be made during the marathon, but it amazed me the pace for the half.  Looking through the times from last year, most runners seem to ‘sacrifice’ the half in order to run a quicker marathon.  This makes a lot of sense, run hard in the half and your legs are going to suffer in the full the next day.  The 5k and 10k are neither here nor there, as they’re short enough to recover from, but the above times are probably what I’ll be aiming at.  Ideally I’d like to run the marathon in under 4 hours and that’s what I’ll be training for. But it’s in the half that I need to check my pace and resist the urge to ‘race’ (not always the easiest to do).  As the training ramps up with 2 longer weekend runs, it’s this tactic I’ll be practicing.

Weekly mileage – 37.5 miles

Mileage to date – 191 miles


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