WDW Dopey training WK8 

Week 8, and another recovery week, with two main highlights.

The running was steady rather than spectacular. Once gain I’m seeing the benefit of these ‘easier’ weeks as I generally felt fairly tired this week.  My motivation was lifted early on in the week however as rundisney released a picture of the medals on offer at the WDW marathon weekend.


8 medals, 7 on offer with the Dopey challenge; 5K, 10k, half-marathon, marathon, Goofy challenge and Dopey challenge.  For info the other two are the kids races and the Castaway challenge (linked with a Disney cruise).
The other highlight was heading off for the weekend with the family to Legoland and the fireworks.  I know a lot of people moan about Legoland, and yes it can be expensive,  but we’ve been going since the kids were little and always have a good time.  We’re fortunate enough to have annual passes which means there’s no pressure to get on all the rides in each visit. We’ve been before simply for a play in the playgrounds and to watch the entertaining pirate show.

 For the last couple of years we’ve attended the yearly fireworks and combined it with a stay in the hotel.  The fireworks are always impressive and the hotel theming adds to the fun.  

Back to reality this week; school for the kids tomorrow after a week off and another full on running week for me.

Weekly mileage – 25.2 miles

Mileage to date – 216.2 miles


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