WDW Dopey training – Half way

So week 9 of the training plan, over halfway through.  This time in 9 weeks I’ll have (hopefully) competed the 48.6 mile challenge.

Two things came to light this week, both of which are out of my control but can potentially have a big impact.  The first is the weather.  We’ve been very fortunate so far in that although it has been fairly wet, autumn has so far been incredibly mild.  Today for instance, temperatures reached 16 degrees despite being the 8th November. Temperatures in Orlando in January also seem to vary, with last year being fairly cold, particularly for the 5k and 10k.  It’s currently high 20s/low 30s with a few thunderstorms; which can also play havoc.  The Wine and Dine half run this weekend at WDW had to be delayed then shortened (to around 6 miles) due to safety concerns about lightning.  I can only hope this doesn’t happen in January as I’d be gutted not to be able to complete the whole challenge due to the weather.

The second aspect is the plague of all runners, injury.  I’ve been fortunate so far (touch wood) in that I’ve managed to keep fairly healthy.  Any set back now could be quite damaging as I reach the heart of my training.  I had a slight scare this weekend as I awoke on Saturday with quite a lot of pain in my right thigh muscle.  With two weekend runs planned this was not ideal. A few stretches and a gentle warm up later and I decided to still head out for the planned 7 miles.  Taking it nice and easy, I managed the run without too much discomfort.  The pain definitely eased during the day, so hopefully was nothing more than a bit of stiffness after a couple of long train journeys on Friday due to work.  But it made me more conscious to continue stretching and foam rolling to keep any niggles at bay.

Turning to the running, I managed to get down to the track this week just in time for the monthly benchmark test; 900m, 500m off 1 min recovery, x3 with 3 mins between sets. Hard work, but a nice change to get some quicker speed work in.  Not sure I can get down every week, but will definitely try and get in a few more track sessions before Xmas.  As mentioned the weekend comprised of a 7 miler on Saturday, run at a nice easy pace, before 17 miles on Sunday (the furthest so far).  Looking at the plan, I’ve only got 3 more of these long run weekends left.

Weekly mileage – 40.2miles

Mileage to date – 256.4 miles


4 thoughts on “WDW Dopey training – Half way

  1. Congratulations on training for such a big race! I’ve always wanted to do goofy. I’ve run Disney full marathon twice and loved it but haven’t had the courage to tackle goofy! Good luck with the rest of your training!


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