WDW Dopey training – WK10

Another recovery week, again much appreciated as legs feeling fairly heavy after last week. No running club this week, just a recovery run, then (an attempted) tempo run.  This weekends long run was a fairly relaxed 11 miler, made more interesting by heading off road up to Newlands Corner, St Martha’s Hill and Pewley Down.

The week was of course dominated by the tragic events in Paris on Friday night.  More knowledgeable, articulate people than myself are probably better based to pass comment,but it’s hard not to be affected by the horror that unfurled.  Paris as a city has always played a big part in our family life, with the kids visiting from a young age.  In recent years they’ve come to  appreciate it as much as a great city destination as for the ease to receive a dose of Disney.  I was also fortunate last year to run the Paris marathon, my first (and so far only) attempt at that distance.  A well organised event with a fantastic route taking in all the big sites. It was touching over the weekend to see the countries around the world unite with Paris by illuminating their national monuments in the French colours.


 Weekly mileage – 27.1 miles

Mileage to date – 283.5 miles


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