WDW Dopey training WK11 – Lessons learned 

7 weeks to go and another step up with training.  This week the plan introduced a 3rd days run leading up to the weekend; so running Thursday, Friday and Saturday; following a Monday recovery run and a Tuesday track session.  

Thursday started ok, a steady 5k. Out and back before breakfast, with no need for an early start.  Friday was an 8 miler which meant I was up and out at 6am, to fit it in before breakfast.  Run at a nice easy/steady pace of around 9min miles (practising for the Dopey half), the first 4 miles or so my legs felt a bit heavy, but they seemed to snap out of it and the run passed without incident.  After our mild Autumn, winter arrived with a bang on Saturday as temperatures plunged.  As I stepped out for Saturday’s 18miler it was actually snowing! Fortunately it didn’t last, and after becoming sleet for a few miles, it was only the strong gales force winds to contend with!  Despite the best efforts of the elements, I managed an average pace of 8.30min miles for the run, and felt OK. 

Lessons learned from the week:

  • 4 (very) early mornings are going to be tough in Disney. 
  • I wore my compression socks for much of Friday after the run, and they definitely helped my legs before Saturday.
  • I need more fuelling before the long run (one porridge pot is not enough)
  • When opening a gel it’s probably better to stop running for a second, rather than squeeze it all over myself, drop my water bottle, then step in a large puddle in an attempt to keep running.

With the weeks running all done and dusted, Sunday was time for our annual trip down to Peppa Pig world and Paultons Park for the Christmas Wonderland.  We’ve done this for about the last 5 years, since the kids were very little, and it always feels like the start of the festive celebrations.  Peppa Pig world comes highly recommended for any young fans, the theming and rides are perfect for pre-schoolers. It probably opened a little late for our kids but they still enjoy it.  The rest of Paultons Park is clearly starting to benefit from the increased visitors, and is investing and improving each year with new attractions and facilities.  The Winter Wonderland is a bit bizarre and random with its singing animatronics,but it still holds a certain charm, the added bonus of a present from Santa at the end keeps the kids interested.


Another recovery week coming up, before the final big push as we head into December.

Weekly mileage – 42.4 miles

Mileage to date – 325.9miles 


2 thoughts on “WDW Dopey training WK11 – Lessons learned 

  1. After your flight to Florida you’ll probably be up at 3 a.m. anyway, but you’ll need a couple of easy runs to get the lethargy of the trip out of your legs. Oh, and don’t get injured between now and then!


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