WDW Dopey training WK13

December has arrived and with it the last few weeks of training before the taper kicks in.

Week 13 was another high mileage week.  Not quite a full on practice ‘Dopey’ but not far off.  5 mile recovery run on Monday, followed by a 5 mile pace run on Tuesday; no track session this week as it was the Cooper test so didn’t really fit with the schedule.  After a rest day,  family weekend commitments meant that I was running Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings.

An early start on Thursday with 4 miles before breakfast; struggled a bit keeping a steady pace with this one.  Luckily I’d arranged to work from home on Friday, so didn’t have to head out too early for the planned 9 miles. I decided to head off road for a change of scenery with a nice loop up to Newlands Corner, St Martha’s Church and Pewley Downs which always gets the heart pumping.  Slightly too muddy and slippy even with trail shoes on for my liking.

Friday night I managed to stub my toe on a chair. It was very painful for a few hours, and I had fears it may be broken. Fortunately it was just badly bruised, but a lucky escape which may have jeopardised the Dopey challenge.

The weekend brought along the longest run to date, and a marathon psychological barrier, the 20 miler. Up early to make sure my fuelling was better; porridge then banana and honey on toast, before heading out.  Fortunately it was dry but a bit windy, I’d chosen to do an out and back along the old Bramley railway line towards Cranleigh.  The additional fuelling seemed to work and I jogged along at a steady rate. The pace occasionally dipped a bit slower than I’d like, and my thigh muscles were complaining by the end.  But 20 miles is a long way, and I’m pleased at how I managed, with both the distance and the consecutive days of running.  

With the countdown to the 25th beginning it was time to put up the tree, and open advent calendars. The daily dairy milk chocolate is a nice treat to keep up motivation levels.

Weekly Mileage – 44.3 miles

Mileage to date – 401.1 miles


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