A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Apologies for no update last week, its been a bit of a stressful few weeks in the Claydon household.  Last Monday morning, my 10 year old daughter was taken into hospital with appendicitis, the operation took place on Tuesday but unfortunately wasn’t as straight forward as hoped.   She was eventually allowed home on Thursday, but still struggled to recover over the next week or so.  Thankfully she’s brightened up over the last few days, so hopefully things are beginning looking up.  However its things like this that make me question whether leaving them for a week to run a few races in Florida is such a good idea.

Needless to say for week 14, not much running took place.  It was actually another ‘recovery’ week so didn’t impact too much on the plan, and in reflection the enforced extra few days rest following the 20 miler probably did my body some good.

Week 15 had been marked out in my diary for a long while, for two main reasons.

Firstly it was the last week of training before the start of the taper, which meant a final ‘practice’ Dopey.  After an easy run to start the week, the plan had a 5k on Thursday, 10k on Friday, 10 miles on Saturday and a 20  miler to finish the week.  The 5k and 10k I ran early in the morning, before breakfast.  Both passed without incident and I was happy enough with a steady pace kept throughout.  Saturday I was up early to make sure I fueled for the run (ie quick bowl of porridge), then headed out as the sun began to rise.  As seems to be the pattern, this was the run I struggled with the most, legs felt heavy for much of it, not helped by my pace being well within the set target.  I really need to watch this, as going out too fast for the half-marathon, is likely to have a big impact on the marathon.  Although run later in the day, I felt strong for much of the planned 20 miler (actually managed to complete 21 miles).  It was dark and raining, so pretty uninspiring, but it wasn’t until the last couple of miles that my legs really started to complain.  Hopefully adrenaline will be enough to carry my through the last 10k in 3 weeks time.


The second reason for highlighting this week  was the much anticipated release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  I’ve waited around 30 years to see what happened to Han, Luke and Leia (the heroes of my childhood)  after the Battle of Endor, and the excitement has been building fueled by the promising teasers over the past few months.  No spoilers here, but the film doesn’t disappoint.  Putting aside the slightly disappointing prequel trilogy this is a return to the Star Wars that we all love.   As the familiar opening words filled the screen and the fanfare started up, I was transported back to that galaxy far far away, and over the next 2 hours or so, I was transfixed as old friends and new shared their adventure.  I urge anyone with even a passing interest in Star Wars to see the movie on the big screen where it belongs.  JJ Abrahms has done a fine job, and I hope Episode VIII (due May 2017) continues on in the same high standard.

Star Wars

Weekly mileage (WK14) – 21 miles

Weekly mileage (Wk15) – 45.7 miles

Mileage to date – 467.8 miles


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