Christmas Dreaming

Christmas week and the first week of taper. Hard to believe that it is now less than 10 days before I fly out to Florida.

Easy run to start the week, with legs still very heavy after the previous weekends long run.  

Guildford Park Run were once again planning a Christmas Day run.  So with presents opened, and the rain mercifully holding off, we ventureddown to Stoke Park.  Once again just John and I running, ably supported by Ruth, Ann and the kids.  Clearly I hadn’t quite woken up in time for the picture…

Very muddy conditions, but fairly pleased with a steady 23 mins or so.  Great turn out as well.

A double Christmas celebration spanning both Christmas Day and Boxing Day followed.  With lots of fun, presents and great food.

Sunday morning headed out fairly early for a steady 12 miles.  Again unseasonably mild, but managed to work off some of the over indulgence.

Week 1 of taper completed, 1 more week to go.

Weekly mileage – 20.7 miles

Mileage to date – 488.5 miles


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