Disney Marathon – Arrival

It’s all a bit surreal this morning if I’m honest. I can’t really believe I’m actually in Florida, at Disney World no less.  This seems to have been something  that’s been in the future for so long it’s hard to believe it’s actually arrived. But arrived  it has.

Flight yesterday was fine.  Very nearly took off on time at 1pm, but 3 people decided not to come down to the gate at that time so we all had to wait for them, causing about a 45 min delay.  Watched a couple of films; The Martian which I can highly recommend; and Scorch Trials which is the 2nd Maze Runner film, which was average.  Also managed to catch up with the latest issue of Runners World.  Landed around 11pm UK time, and breezed through immigration, helped by being able to use the self-serve machines, added bonus that my case was one of the first off. Slight delay waiting for the bus to the resort, but was all checked in and in my room by 1.30am UK time.

As expected awake, jet lag kicked in and I was awake early.  After catching up with a few messages managed to drift off again, finally rising around 6am local time.

Following John’s recommendation I picked out some running kit, laced up my trainers and headed out for an easy jog round the lake to clear some of the plane lethargy from the legs. But of  a grey damp start, but fairly mild. Nice to see lots of other runners out and about.

Just finishing off a bit of breakfast before heading to the expo to pick up my bibs.


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