Disney Marathon – Expo

I thought by getting the bus at 9.30am for the expo which opened at 10.00am it may be a bit quieter, but it seemed that everyone had the same idea.  Still one thing they’re good at in Disney is organising a queue, so after a brief wait I picked up my 2 numbers (one for the 5k/10k, the other for the half/marathon). Another queue, and this time I was presented with my race t-shirts.  Unlike most races Disney give these out at the start, probably easier when dealing with this many people,  and indeed this many shirts!

After a quick whizz round the expo, stopping only to pick up some clif bars for snacks over the next few days, and being unable to resist the runDisney Yoda t-shirt, I headed back to the hotel.

After checking in with the family,and with the weather brightening, I deceided to head out to Animal Kingdom.  Being on the tail end of the Christmas celebrations it’s been nice to see the decorations still up.  I particularly liked this tree at the entrance..

First up time to start fuelling with lunch. A pepperoni pizza did the trick, then it was off for a safari ride.  Probably encouraged by the cooler weather, but quite a few of the animals were out and about.  One things we’d missed out on in out family trip in 2014 was the Festival of the Lion King so this was next on the list, and it didn’t  disappoint.  It’ll certainly be high up on list of things to see when we return as a family in August.

By now I was started to flag a bit, so decided to take the sensible option and head back for some tea and an early night, before the 3.00am alarm clock and the first race tomorrow.


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