Walt Disney World 10k

Race day 2.  A 5.30am start this morning, which meant a 3.30am bus and a 2.30am alarm!  First morning that the alarm has actually woken me up (I have set 3 just in case).  Suitably fuelled and kitted up I headed out.


Much warmer this morning, the compromise being that it was pouring with rain.  Arrived at the staging area to find people sheltering under various concession stands and bag drops.  The rain eased as we headed into the corrals, only to come back with a vengeance as the national anthem was sung and the fireworks set off.  Due to this I once again failed to get a picture of the start so have ‘borrowed’ one from runDisney, I am in there somewhere.


Following the pattern of yesterday the first 5k was pretty uninspiring, run around the car parks and surrounding roads.  I’d once again decided to stretch my legs in this section, and ease off for the second half.  Even with this quicker pace I was unable to keep up with Paula Radcliffe, who in contrast to yesterday effortlessly ran past me within the first mile.  I thought better about trying to keep up.

Around the halfway mark we once again turned into the World Showcase of Epcot. I don’t think however many times I run round here I’d tire of it, it’s a pity they don’t do an Epcot Park Run.  Next up was the Boardwalk area.  We’d not visited this on our last trip and I was looking forward to seeing what it was like.  A mix of hotels, shops and restaurants round a central lake, it was great to run round even in the rain and dark.  All lit up and with an impressive gathering of supporters bearing in mind the conditions.  

We once again looped back through Future World in Epcot and on to the finish.  I stopped the clock at just shy of 50mins, quicker than planned, but I felt comfortable throughout.  Nice improvement in the medal today as well.


As the rain continued to fall into the afternoon, I headed to Hollywood Studios to seek some Dark help to make sure the weekend stayed storm and rain free.


In order not to mess up the marathon, tomorrow’s half needs to be a 13.1 mile recovery run.

Alarms set for 2.00am.


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