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I’m currently still easing my way back into training following the Disney Marathon Weekend, so thought for this weeks blog post I’d discuss something different than my weekly training activity.

Back in June when I was just starting to think about the Dopey Challenge and how I was going to approach the training, I started researching recovery methods.  As well as the mileage, my biggest concern was how I was going to sufficiently recover between races.  Picking up on a few tweets on the UKRunchat hour; incidentally this is well worth hunting out on twitter (@ukrunchat , #ukrunchat) full of useful info and advice for all matters running related; I came across something called CurraNZ.  A quick Google search later and I found their website, the claims stated:

CurraNZ offers a unique, world-first combination of actions

  • Signficiant performance effect (double-blind cycling and running studies)
  • Reduces fatigue and soreness during AND after exercise
  • Increases fat oxidation by almost 30% during exercise
  • Contains powerful antioxidants, essential for fighting oxidative stress     


Made from New Zealand blackcurrants and containing no nasty additives.  The idea of using blackcurrants to help sport performance and recovery was recently covered in the Channel 4 program ‘Superfoods’, who tested a group of amateur cyclists.  They all took the tablet daily for a week and were able to knock around 10 seconds off a ten mile ride time.  Blackcurrants apparently contain something called ‘anthocyanin’, which is believed to help more blood get to and from muscles and aid the recovery process.

Being a bit of a sucker for a marketing pitch, I duly ordered a pack, and few days later a small padded envelope dropped through my letterbox.  The instructions stated to take 1 a day, roughly 2 hours before exercise.

Now I could say I noticed an immediate difference and went out the next day and smashed my PBs, but of course that would be an exaggeration.   What I can say is that after a week or so, I noticed that although I was working as hard in my workouts, I was recovering quicker, and the dreaded DOMS were very much reduced.  As my training for the Dopey Challenge kicked into gear, and consecutive training days became common place, the tablets influence grew.  Now it may have been a placebo effect, but the days I forgot to take a tablet before a run, a definately  suffered more with aches the next day.

During the Dopey Challenge I took 2 tablets.  One 2 hours before each race, and one afterward.  For each run my legs felt fresh each time, and as I’ve previously written about I even managed to PB the marathon.  I’m under no illusions that this was predominately due to the large amount of training I’d done in the months leading up, but CurraNZ have also played a part in this preparation.

I’m not going to lie about it, they’re not cheap (£29 for a pack of 30 – although you can get a discount by buying in bulk), and I’m sure that they’re not for everybody.  But I’m sold, and will continue to pop my little purple pill of goodness every morning!

More info can be found at:






2 thoughts on “Magic Berries

  1. Good to actually know someone who has used these – I have seen the hype, and definitely noticed the marketing, but as yet have not taken the plunge (I’m not sure I can convince the wife that £1 per blueberry pill is a sound investment.) I’ll definitely look into it a bit more now though.


    1. Hi Chris. Yeah they are expensive, so I try to bulk buy which makes them a bit cheaper. Would recommend, I think you can pick up a trial pack for about a tenner. I feel that they’ve helped me, but then again I’m a bit of a sucker for a marketing blurb!

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