Plans and Frustations

Last week was a frustrating one running wise.  After taking a week off following the Walt Disney Marathon weekend, I started with a nice easy week back into running;  4 runs at a recovery pace to get the legs moving again.  Last week was the second week of my training plan for Brighton and time for a step up in pace, with a few mid-week quicker runs.

Monday lunchtime I set out for my usual recovery run to start the week, and straight away didn’t feel right in my knee.  I probably should have stopped then, but thought I could run it off over the 5K.  Big mistake!  By the afternoon I was hobbling up and down the stairs, and things didn’t improve on Tuesday.  Purchasing a few support bands, I strapped it up and wrote off the rest of the week running wise.

I think it’s probably a case of ‘runners knee’.  I first felt it during the 10K and Half-Marathon in Disney, but seemed to solve the issue with some post race stretching and a massage.  But it had come back with a vengeance now.

After 4 days rest I decided to give things a go on Saturday morning at Park Run.  I’d tentatively tried it out the night before at my son’s athletics club and it had seemed ok with a gentle jog round the track.  Airing on the side of caution, I again strapped the knee up and jogged down the road for Park Run.  Things felt ok, so I pushed the pace a little clocking in just over the 22min mark for the 5K, then jogged home.  No big reaction in the afternoon and not wanting to miss my longer run, I headed out again Sunday morning for a 9 miler, to no ill effect. The knee still doesn’t feel quite right, but I’ll keep icing and strapping it up, and hopefully can now get back on plan.

Speaking of which, with only 10 weeks till Brighton Marathon, I’ve now started my next plan.  Following success with both Higdon (Dopey Challenge) and Run Trainer (Richmond Half) this time I’ve selected MyAsics.  The main reason behind this is that for the first time I’ve actually got a specific time goal in mind, and MyAsics allows me to focus my training runs much more on specific pace goals.

Following the Walt Disney Marathon I’m confident that I can beat my marathon PB (3:34), I’m also fairly confident that I can get under 3:30.  However ever since I managed to sneak the half-marathon time under 90 mins, I’ve wondered how quickly I can (or should) be able to run a marathon.  Plugging the numbers into  various race calculators that exist on the web, gives me a time of around 3:15 for the marathon.  Additionally with my birthday in March, and Brighton marathon being in April, I’ll hit a new age category for the race. Based on 2016 entry guidelines, a 3:15 time could see me qualify for a good-for-age entry for London 2017.  A big incentive.

At the moment the thought of running 3:15 is incredibly daunting.  Knocking 20 mins off my PB is a big ask, but I’m willing to give it a go.  I’ll follow the training plan, and judge where I am at the end of March, providing injuries keep at bay for the next 10 weeks.


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