Don’t stop believing..

The post Walt Disney World Marathon weekend high came crashing down in spectacular fashion last week.  Following Saturdays long run, I well and truly threw my toys out of the pram, thoroughly frustrated with my running.  Nothing seemed to go right; I’d struggled to control the pace, struggled to finish the allotted 11 miles (how was I supposed to run 26, if I couldn’t run 11), and to top it all off had managed to stop my watch halfway round, thus ending up with a split run on the records (what a disaster!).  I needed a new plan and quick!

With hindsight it really didn’t go anywhere near as bad as I thought.  I ran the first half too fast (7:38 pace) so subsequently my pace slipped in the second half (8:08).  Averaging out over the 11 or so miles this gave me a 7:55 pace.  Not too bad, and well within my target pace of 7:24-8:16 for the run.  I’d also completed a lunchtime pace run the day before and had to deal with rather blustery weather conditions.  If I’m honest the frustrations probably arose from not being entirely happy with my post Disney plan combined with putting too much pressure on myself to reach the 3:15 marathon time.  So what needed to change?  After spending Saturday afternoon scouring the internet for a new plan, I made a few decisions.

Problem: Not happy with plan or how I’m running at the moment.

Solution: After much deliberation I’ve decided to stick with MyAsics, but make a few adaptions.  Plans need to be suited to each individual after all.  Apart from the runs I missed due to my knee, I’ve actually kept pretty well to the plan, running each session within the guideline pace.  By combing the MyAsics plan with sections of Higdons Marathon Intermediate Plan (as I had success with the Dopey plan), I can suit it more to my needs.  I’ll keep the pace runs during the week, but increase the length of my long runs gradually over the next few weeks, without worrying too much about pace. This should get me to where I think I should be by the end of Feb.

Problem: Knee still an issue

Solution:  It is improving.  Continue to wear strapping for the next 2 weeks.  Start strengthening exercises at least 3 times a week.  If no improvement make physio appointment.

Problem: Lack of energy whilst running

Solution:  Keep track of eating habits this week.  Measuring calories taken in (MyFitnessPal is pretty good for this), and what I’m eating.  I’ve always traditionally struggled whilst training to replace the calories I’ve burned, so this has been something I needed to address.

Problem: Lack of belief I can actually run 3:15

Solution: Positive outlook!  Don’t get hung up about times (easier said then done); trust in the training; work hard and results will come.  Start to try and enjoy the running again, and put less pressure on myself.

I came across the following quote this week, and saved it for my daughter whose also struggling with self-confidence at the moment.  But in reflection its probably just as relevant for me…

Onwards and upwards!


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