Taper, colds and holidays

So with just 3 weeks to go until Brighton Marathon it’s now time to start the taper.  It couldn’t really have come at a better time as I seem to have come down with a bit of a head cold over the past couple of days.  Not bad enough to stop a gentle recovery run, but I’m grateful for a few easier days of running to hopefully shake it off.

We’ve come away for the  Easter weekend.  Firstly to a wet and windy Aberystwyth, then off for a a couple of days of thrills at Alton Park. Still managed a nice recovery run along the prom, then accompanied the kids as they did a bit of Junior Parkrun tourism.


The trip meant that I needed to shuffle around my last 2 long runs. 18miles last Saturday, was followed by 22 miles on Thursday.  Both went fairly well.  I followed a similar route on both, heading out of Guildford to Shalford, then picking up the Wey Canal path which follows the old Bramley to Cranleigh rail route.  Not always the most inspiring but it’s flat and traffic free.  I was pleased with both runs managing just over 8 min/miles for the first (with a few marathon pace miles in the middle), followed by a slightly quicker averaged pace for the longer run.  

Past experience tells me that I run faster in race situations, so I’m hopeful of achieving the 7:27 min per mile pace needed for the marathon.  At the moment my plan is to try and run with a 3:15 pace group, in an effort to control my starting  pace, and drag me through the final miles.

The past week has also seen me turn 41.  Amongst the books and new running gear I received was a kettlebell.  I’ve read good things about them and am keen to do some mre varied training post marathon. Happy to have any suggestions for good starting workouts for a complete novice.


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