Training Plans

As I ease my way back into training, I thought it might be useful to give a brief review of the different training plans I’ve tried over the past couple of years. When I first started running and subsequently entering events, I pretty much did my own thing in terms of training. This basically consisted of … More Training Plans

Brighton Marathon

Right lets get the excuses out of the way to start with shall we,  this was probably my worst run up to a race ever.  I had problems with a knee injury, which meant I had to cut back on training runs; contracted campylobacter from some badly cooked duck, which wiped me out for 10 … More Brighton Marathon

Taper madness

So with only a week to go to the Brighton marathon, the past few weeks have all been about the taper.  Reducing my weekly mileage but trying to keep some intensity at the same time.   The longer runs at the weekend have come down to 11 miles last weekend, and just 9 yesterday.  Whilst … More Taper madness