Taper madness

So with only a week to go to the Brighton marathon, the past few weeks have all been about the taper.  Reducing my weekly mileage but trying to keep some intensity at the same time.  

The longer runs at the weekend have come down to 11 miles last weekend, and just 9 yesterday.  Whilst during the week I’ve run a couple of easier paced 4 milers and a 10k at my target marathon pace.

I have to admit I hate tapering.  The reduction in mileage is a welcome relief after a long marathon training plan, but it’s also the time that the mind plays tricks on you, and worries arise.  Am I running enough?  Should I sneak in one more long run?  Can I really run at that pace?  Phantom injuries appear as you panic about every little niggle.  In the end though it’s time to just have faith in the miles you’ve banked, extra training now is unlikely to have much influence on your performance and more likely to be detrimental or raise the risk of injury.  The marathon pace 10k runs have given me some confidence but also increased the anxiety at the thought of running another 20miles at that pace.

My plan for next week remains the same, and one I haven’t yet used during a race.  Run with a pace group from the start and see how long I can hold on to them.  I’m fairly confident I can get a marathon PB, but as for the rest it will depend on the day….


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