No targets, new goals

With my next race not until October (the Royal Park Half), I’m enjoying running without any set training plan or targets.  It also means I can be more flexible with distance, types of run, and don’t feel any time pressures.  Last weekend I took advantage of this by heading off road for a 10k jog round Newlands Corner and Pewley Downs, and it certainly felt good to change from pounding the roads.   Following on, this weekends long (ish) run was a nice early morning jog along the towpath towards Send.


Despite having no set targets at the moment I have set myself a few goals for the next few months leading into the summer.  The first is to try and improve my core strength. To do this  I’ve introduced a few HIIT  (high intensity interval training) sessions.  I’m trying to do 4 a week; 2 cardio based (high knees, burpees, mountain climbers), which take about 15 mins each; the other 2 more resistance based using a pair of weights (push up rows; squats, lunges, curls and shoulder presses) which take roughly 30 mins each.  When possible I also throw in a few kettlebell swings.  I’m hoping the increased cross training will benefit in the long run.

Not neglecting the running, my second goal is to increase my weekly mileage. Traditionally when not training for a race, I drop my mileage to around 25 miles a week.  I’d like to increase this to at least 30, with the aim of building a stronger base.  I’m also attempting to get down to the local Parkrun more frequently.  Currently being at 43 runs, it would be nice to reach the 50 milestone.  It’s also a good opportunity to to add a bit more speed work into my training.  I clocking in at 21:37 for this weeks Park Run, which is the fastest I’ve run this year.  It would be nice to get it down to around 21 mins again which is what I was running last year.

The rest of the weekend was made up with some quality family time.  Saturday afternoon we headed to ‘Creams’ ice cream parlour in Guildford.  My daughters requested treat, following a 3 day school residential.

My Banana split – needed a few extra miles to run this one off!

Sunday, as the temperatures soared in southern England, we dusted off the bikes and headed out on a family ride from Bramley to Cranleigh Downs link route.  Stopping off in Cranleigh for a picnic, play and (more) ice cream before the return journey.



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