Back in training and 4 min mile

September already!  After a few weeks holiday, I’m straight back in training for the Royal Parks Half Marathon at the start of October, clocking up 35 miles last week, the highest since March

We had a great holiday in Orlando, during the last 2 weeks of August.  Basing ourselves in Disney’s Old Key West, and spending much of our time in the Disney Parks, although we did venture out for a few days to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.  I love this holiday!  Its a great way to spend some quality time together as a family, and offers something for everyone.  There’s no doubt that we’ll be back again in a few years time.

The hot and humid Florida weather (as well as the full on days in the parks) made running hard, but I managed 4 runs over the 2 weeks (three 5ks and a 10k.)  Generally running early in the morning to try and avoid some of the heat, it was still a hot and sticky affair, so the pace was kept steady.  

Old Key West in the early morning

A signposted running route around the resort, totalling around 1.5 miles, could easily be adapted for the 5k; but for the 10k I headed further afield, following the river out of Old Key West, past Saratoga Springs, and looping round Disney Springs. 

Scenic views on the path to Disney Springs

Being back in Disney brought back memories of the Dopey challenge from January, which hopefully one day I’ll be able to compete in again.

Back in the UK, and with no Guildford Parkrun this weekend, it was a chance to take place in the 4 min mile event at Guildford Spectrum.  Organised by AAT-events (who also do the Surrey Half amongst others); it was first run in 2014 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 4 min mile.  The premise is simple, run a mile as fast as you can round the track.  Having had a few weeks off, I wasn’t overly confident, but managed a 6:19 mile (my fastest at this event).  Once again proving my lack of speed over shorter distances – I’d prefer to be nearer to 6 minutes.  Both kids also had a go and ran well managing PBs at this distance (Joe just under 8 minutes; and Cerys just under 10).  Its a fun event, and we’ll probably give it another go next year.

Split times for my mile attempt



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