2016 Running Review

As we start 2017, its time for a quick stock check of how my running went during 2016.

In total I ran 10 races the most I’ve ever completed.  Lets start by looking at the numbers:


 It certainly looks good all showing an improvement on 2015.  Total mileage is up from 1,328; an extra 19 active days; 6 more hours of activity; and nearly 3,000 extra ft climbed.  It’s no surprise that the furthest distance run is 26 miles having completed two marathons in the year.

The year got off to a high as I took place in my first runDisney races; the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend.  Comprising of a 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon, the Dopey challenge is 48.6 miles over 4 consecutive days, and was easily the highlight of my year.  It was something I’d wanted to take part in for a while, and I loved every moment of it.  I also came well within my 7 hour target, completing the challenge in 6hr 44 mins, even managing to PB the marathon.  

Next up was the Brighton marathon.  Right from the start my ambitious 3:15 target was under threat, as I struggled with injury, illness and lack of motivation.  Despite spectacularly hitting the wall 17 miles into the race, I rallied enough to finish in 3:19, missing my target but still knocking an impressive 10 mins off my PB.

The final target of the year was the Royal Parks Half, where I was aiming to sneak a new PB, and dip under the 90 min mark again. Despite a strong, confident run I missed a PB by 50 secs and a sub-90 by a mere 31 secs.  The run up included my second runDisney races, the inaugural Disneyland Paris Half (which I’ve already entered again for 2017).
2016 also saw me clock up my 50th Parkrun, but miss out by a few secs on a new 5k PB. New races also included the local Hard as Snails 10k and the Surrey Badger Half, both of which I’d be happy to run again this year.

Summing up the year; the races I’ve run not chasing a PB, I’ve enjoyed much more, taking away the pressure and just enjoying the occasion.  However I would like another shot at a sub 3:15 marathon this year, and that will be the target in April.


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