100 day countdown

As I reach the end of week 4 of my training plan this week, a milestone reached with only 100 days till the marathon.  Training has been going ok, the longest run so far only reaching 13 miles (distances ramp up in February).  The six day running week is tough though, and I’m finding it hard to adjust to.  This week will also see my mid-week longer run reach 7 miles, which means I can no longer run it at a lunchtime; the plan at the moment is to try and get up earlier and run before work.

This week also saw the first snowfall of the year.  Although pretty impressive for a couple of hours, it was pretty much all gone by the next day (much to the annoyment of the kids). Still it made for an interesting bike home from work.

Although I (generally) eat fairly healthily, I am guilty of having too many snacks, particularly processed bars.  These are generally on the healthier side (Nakd, Trek, Chia Charge etc) but some are a bit too processed containing lots of additives (Quest, Grenade etc).  The bars can also be on the expensive side.  Therefore one of my New Year resolutions was to try and find alternatives.  This week this came in the form of a homemade Banana loaf, the recipe from the ‘Run Fast, Eat Slow’ cookbook that I was lucky enough to receive for Christmas.  The result was pretty good and helped to curb my afternoon hunger.  I look forward to trying some of the other recipes.


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