Fitstuff G3 10k

Week 5 of marathon training saw me clock up my highest weekly mileage so far, and in fact the highest for over a year, with just over 41 miles recorded. It also saw the first race of the year with the Fitstuff G3 10k.

The G3 series are 3 runs that take place over 3 separate weekends in January and February.  Run by AAT events, who put on a number of other award winning races including the Surrey Half;  it consists of 5k, 10k or 15k trail runs (depending on the race).  The start and finish is at the nearby Newlands Corner, so I’m not sure why I’ve never run them before, still that was rectified this year as this weekends 10k fitted nicely into my training plan.

Any worries about a muddy course were quickly put to rest for the 8.30am start, with the temperature around -5 degrees.  The tough hilly course, lulls you into a false sense of security as the start and first few kms head down from Newlands Corner and across to Chantry Wood. The second half however hits you where it hurts, initially winding up and through the woods, before pushing you up the lung busting St Marthas Church climb.  A brief respite as you make the steep descent from the church, before a sting in the tail with the final climb back to Newlands Corner.

It’s a tough course, but with stunning views and a lovely run.  The race was well supported and, as always with AAT events, extremely well organised.  Unfortunately I was too late to register for the first race of the series and prior commitments mean I can’t enter the third race, however I’ll definitely make an effort to run all three next year.

Sunday’s scheduled long run was 14 miles, and was hard work.  My legs felt heavy from the 10k and the temperatures again were hovering around the -5 level.  A lack of adequate fuelling probably didn’t help either.  Still it was miles in the bank.  Week 6 is a slightly easier week, with the long run only clocking in at 10 miles, I think my legs might need the rest…

Hard work, but nice views on a frosty Sunday long run


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