As we head into February and week 8 of my training plan, things are progressing well towards the marathon.  My mid-week runs are now up to 8 miles, with the weekend long run reaching a high of 16 miles .  This past week also saw me receive final confirmation of my place in the London Marathon, which is both exciting and daunting, but I’m determined to do it justice.

Weekend commitments meant I needed to move Saturdays 8 miler to Thursday,  unfortunately this coincided with a torrential downpour, leaving me soaked and muddy (having chosen to run the Guildford Parkrun route round Stoke Park).  Feeling awful on Friday, I skipped the planned hill reps for an  extra rest day.

I’m also starting to feel the increased mileage with one or two little niggles, not surprising considering January was my highest monthly mileage for over a year.  The most worrying of these is some discomfort in my right foot heal.  Fearing plantar fasciitis, which could derail my training, I’ve strapped it up, and plan to take an extra rest day for the next few weeks hoping it will clear up.  Like many runners I hate missing planned sessions, and always feel guilty on missing out on the mileage.  But rest days are just as important, allowing our bodies to recover, and hopefully in my case preventing being out for longer.

Following on from my successful banana bread a few weeks ago, the baking hasnt quite been as good.  The carrot and courgette muffins were a bit of a disaster; however the teff chocolate cookies were fairly good (but ecliped by my daughters nutella ones!).  This week it was lemon and blueberry scones,  not bad, but the banana bread remains the benchmark.


It’s just under 2 weeks until my next race, the Hampton Court Half marathon.  A fast, flat course is promised, so its a good opportunity to see what speed (if any) I’ve got in my legs.


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