Standing still

Week 10 of marathon training was supposed to be my highest weekly mileage so far, coming in at around 47 miles; culminating with a 19 mile long run today.  Instead I’ve run a grand total of 0.2 miles.

Following the Hampton Court Half last weekend, I’d planned to take an extra rest day, but this soon turned into the whole week.  The toe pain from last weekend didn’t subside and as I hobbled my way through the start of the week it didn’t look good.

Wednesday saw an aborted run and a new low point.  I’m not sure exactly what the problem is.  The pain is concentrated in my second toe and although it’s improved enough to be able to walk around, running is still not on the cards.  A lack of swelling and bruising hopefully means it’s not serious.  The improvements made throughout the week also suggest that perhaps it just needs some rest.

In an attempt to keep some fitness up, Friday I headed for to the pool; with a 21 mile cycle ride replacing my usual Sunday long run today.  I’m still not up to running for the next few days, but will hopefully be back out on my feet by the end of the week.

Frustrating but (fingers crossed) hopefully not to damaging in terms of the bigger picture.


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