Surrey Half Marathon

It’s not been the best few weeks for me, with little running since the Hampton Court Half.  Problems specifically with my toe (and to some extent my heel) have limited the miles.  Improvements this week however meant that my annual running of the Surrey Half was still a possibility.

Now in its fourth year, the Surrey Half is the award winning road half marathon from AAT events, starting at Woking leisure centre, heading out towards Guildford and looping back through the Surrey countryside.  It’s always well organised, well supported and a great local event.  This year was no different.  They also run a kids 2k whilst the Half marathoners are out touring the countryside, so it’s great for bringing the whole family along.

Once I’d got a place in London, the Surrey Half was never going to be a PB race.  The original plan was to try and run the 13.1 miles at marathon pace,  with my recent injury problems, all plans and targets are now out of the window, with the aim being simply to get to the starting line on April 23rd.  A few easier runs this week, with 6 miles on Wednesday had given me the confidence to give the half a go, to try and start building the miles back up.

For the first few miles all felt good, then around the 10k mark I began to feel the injury.  It wasn’t bad enough to stop me, but was enough to get me to ease off the pace, not willing to push it to hard.  The second half of the race was more of a struggle, but things did show sign of improvement.  The crowds within the last 5km definitely helped bring me home.

My final time was just over 1:40, probably around what I was aiming for.  This was not about time however but about completing the distance, so in that aspect it was a success.

Hopefully I can now kick on and get some sort of plan together for the next 6 weeks leading up to London.

In terms of the Surrey Half, I’ll be back again next year.


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