Long runs and taper

It’s been 3 weeks since the Surrey Half marathon, and I’m pleased to report that my training has been going ok.  I’ve adapted my training plan, reducing the number of runs from six a week to four, and have reduced the length of my mid week runs, instead concentrating on the weekend long runs.  

Moving the high distance runs to predominantly off road, has also taken away some of the impact which was causing me heel issues.  A 17 mile run along the old railway line from Bramley to Guildford, was followed up last week with 19 miles along the towpath, reaching Pyrford before heading home.

Resisted a rest on this rather fancy bench.

As spring reached us this week with warm sunny days, I stretched my midweek run, to a 10 mile tempo (again along the towpath).  Taking more out of me than I thought, I replaced the planned interval session for the next day with an easy 4 miler, conscious of yesterday’s final long run.  Heading again along the old railway line, just reaching Cranleigh before turning back to head home; 21 miles in total.

With 3 weeks to go, it’s now time to taper.  My marathon plan hasn’t gone completely to plan but I’m pleased to have got the long runs under my belt.  I’ll need to readjust my target for the race, but I plan to enjoy the occasion.


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