Finding a rhythm 

Looking back I think this is my first post since the London Marathon, roughly 6 weeks ago.  The marathon is such a big physical and mental drain; both the actual day and the months of training beforehand; that since then I’ve struggled to find any rhythm in my running (hence the lack of blog updates).  It’s not for a lack of trying however. Following a weeks rest, I’ve steady been increasing the miles, adding in a few speed and hill sessions in the last few weeks, but so far things just haven’t clicked back into place.

One of my running aims this year, besides the marathon, is to try and run at least one race a month.  For May this was the Godalming 10k, a local race that I hadn’t tried before.  Starting within the town, the race headed up towards Charterhouse, winding through the woodland and along the river before looping back to the start.  Coming just three weeks after the marathon, I positioned myself in the middle of the pack, but instantly regretted it as the fairly large starting field was pushed quickly onto single track paths.  With little space to overtake, it wasn’t until the first climb, up into Charterhouse, that room appeared and I was able to settle into my own pace.  It became apparent as hte race progressed that there were more hills than advertised with some pretty savage climbs, mostly on a trail surface.  One of the worst coming around the 8k mark, just when you thought you were home and dry.  A downhill hill finish brough you back to the start and I was pleased to sneak under the 50min mark (49:21).

Overall impressions.  A well run local race, but the size of the field really needs more time to spread out from the start (or starting pens need to be introduced), and some of those climbs are a killer.

June’s race is the Hard As Snails 10k.  Another hilly race round Chantry Woods, St Marthas Hill and Newlands Corner, which I enjoyed last year.  They’ve also introduced a Hard As Snails 2 for July which increases the distance to 15k, which I’m looking forward to.

As the weather improves, thoughts turn to summer holidays.  For the past few years we’ve joined Ruth’s family for an enjoyable week in a villa in Provence, during July/August.  Resting in the shadow of the infamous Mont Ventoux, traditionally cycled up, in 2013 and again in 2014 I decided it would be a good idea to try and run up.  Its climb of 1,912m and roughly 13 miles from the town of Bedoin to the summit.  Both attempts took me in excess of 2 1/2 hours and upon reaching the top in 2014, I swore never to attempt it again.

The day after we arrive this year the annual Semi Marathon Bedoin-Ventoux takes place, a closed road race to the summit; and the lure of a medal and t-shirt his proved too much and I’ve duly entered.  I’m going to need to find some running rhythm before then, or it’s going to be a long morning.


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